Salezeo (, hereinafter "Salezeo", operates a community Web platform of services reserved for professionals. Salezeo enables its registered users to access services intended to assist them in their sales activity. More specifically, Salezeo allows quickly targeting appropriate professional contacts and acquiring relevant and accurate contact details for these targeted individuals.

This document constitutes the set of Conditions of use governing Salezeo's availability to the benefit of its Members, as well as the relations between Members, all of whom are required to read and agree to these Conditions of use prior to creating a Member Account. These Conditions of use are complemented by the Salezeo Responsible Data Charter and Salezeo's Special conditions.

Salezeo is a service proposed by the company ORBITE SAS.

Head office : 105 rue Jules Guesde 92300 Levallois Perret
Share capital : 238 888,80 €
N° Siret : 532 406 477 00010
CNIL number : 1691441 v 0 du 02-08-2013
Contact :
Telephone : +33 1 57 64 05 85


Contact: set of information of a strictly professional nature associated with an individual currently working for a company or organization.

Salescoins: means of Contact exchange and acquisition applicable on the Salezeo platform, in correspondence with the situation of the given Member Account.

Member Account: set of information required to file a status on the Salezeo platform, which characterizes the Member's individual profile as well as his/her situation, particularly in terms of Salescoins held, within the Salezeo community.


The Salezeo Member status is acquired once an account has been opened within the User's Account space.

Access to Salezeo is reserved for consenting adults over 18 years of age, in addition to corporate entities endowed with the legal capacity to exercise a legal activity. The Member agrees to open just one and only one Salezeo Account.

A suspended or closed Member Account cannot, under any circumstances, lead to opening another Member Account. No compensation may be requested by the Member whose account has been closed.

The Member Account is strictly personal; it enables the account holder to: manage and update the individual's administrative information, consult the individual's Salescoins Account position, and participate in the range of activities offered within the reserved Salezeo space.

The opening of a Member Account requires creating logins and transmitting personal information. The Member agrees to provide truthful information and then update this information as needed.

In the event a password is lost or should doubts arise over password confidentiality or security, the Member must immediately inform Salezeo of these concerns.


The status of Member without a subscription implies the absence of any payment of financial participation. This status enables access to services offered on the site, free of charge. It does however require that the Member records at least 20 new Contacts over a six-month period. Salezeo reserves the right to close any inactive account. Once the condition of adding contacts has been met, the Member is eligible to acquire Contacts from other Members.

The Salezeo subscription requires the Member's acceptance of Special conditions of use, which serve to complement the Salezeo Conditions of use as well as the Responsible Data Charter.


Loss of Member status may result in closure of the Member Account either upon the Member's personal initiative or upon the decision of Salezeo.

Salezeo reserves the right to close a Member Account in the following cases:

Contribution of fewer than 20 new Contacts over a 6-month period;
Non-compliance with the Salezeo Conditions of use;
The Member's non-compliance with the Responsible Data Charter.

Closure of a Member Account does not offer any right for the particular Member to proceed with the withdrawal from Salezeo of Contacts recorded upon this Member's initiative during the period his/her Account had been active.


The Member interested in adding professional information to the Salezeo community must do so via the heading "Adding a Contact".

Contacts can be added either by proceeding Contact-by-Contact or by uploading. The latter allows for handling larger groups of additional Contacts.

Adding Contact-by-Contact requires completing all the mandatory fields included on the Contact registration form.

Only Contact-related information containing professional information will be accepted. For example, a Contact associated with a free email account or personal phone number will be rejected.

Holding a valid Member Account enables the Member to record Contacts on the Salezeo service in full compliance with the data transfer procedure offered by Salezeo. Salezeo is to incur no liability related to the Member's inability to record data on the Salezeo platform, due in particular to technical equipment issues.

The Member can only record from the Salezeo platform those Contacts that have already been uploaded. The Member hereby agrees to add information that is accurate, recent and comprehensive.

The Member is able to easily and quickly upload the Contacts held in his/her professional messaging service, electronic calendar, an office spreadsheet file or any CRM type tools. The Member interested in using this solution must export Contacts in a CSV format file.

The Member must not input any of the following information (not exhaustive):

- Illegal information, subject to restrictions, violating intellectual property rights or database rights;
- Information obtained by breach of another's rights or using dishonest means;
- Erroneous, obsolete or incomplete information;
- Information not professional in nature.

Salezeo declines all liability in the event a Member records information that fails to meet the requirements of the Conditions of use or that does not comply with provisions set forth in the Responsible Data Charter.

As of their addition to the Salezeo database, the Contacts enter into the domain of Contacts belonging to the Salezeo community.

Adding a Company requires completing the mandatory fields contained on the Company Registration form, whose submission procedure is identical to that of adding Contacts.


When adding Contacts, the Salezeo system verifies that the information is not already present on the Salezeo platform.

An identical verification protocol is also performed in order to identify and validate the proper association of the Contact with the entity indicated by the Member.

Adding a Contact on the Salezeo platform provides the Member with immediate and dedicated access to the information, along with the right to use the Contact database free of charge.

Members' actions are remunerated with the award of Salescoins.

The act of updating Contacts does not lead to acquiring any rights to the information held.

Adding a Company to the Salezeo base follows the same procedure described above for adding a Contact.


Members' actions are remunerated with Salescoins. Salescoins may be awarded as the result of recording Contacts or by participating in actions to update Contacts available on the Salezeo platform. The Member earns additional Salescoins whenever he/she creates a company information profile that had not previously existed on Salezeo.

Erroneous information or information derived from a Member's untoward actions results in a negative Salescoins award. The Member will be assigned Salescoins penalty points in the case where the information he/she has introduced proves to be incorrect within 30 days of being uploaded.

Each Member is evaluated according to the quality of the information he/she makes available to the community.

To guarantee a reliable information source, Salezeo has set up a bonus/penalty system intended to reward reliable contributors and penalize those Members responsible for introducing incorrect information. Each Member is also assigned a reliability rating.

Members responsible for introducing suspect information into the database on several occasions will find themselves denied all access to Salezeo.

Salezeo reserves the right to modify, at any time, the Salescoins system and reliability rating, as well as their respective calculation formulas.


In exchange for adding a previously non-existent Contact into the Salezeo database, the contributing Member acquires Salescoins that provide access to the details of the Contact of his/her choice.

Adding a Contact to the Salezeo database provides the Member with immediate and dedicated access to the information, along with the right to use the Contact database free of charge.

The acquisition of Contacts, regardless of the Member's type and status, does not offer any exclusive rights.


Under no circumstances is the Member authorized to copy, reproduce, transmit, distribute, sell, resell, modify or create a byproduct or ancillary service, or operate for commercial purposes any of the information acquired without Salezeo's express written consent.

Members hereby agree to exclusively use the Salezeo Contacts for professional purposes within the scope of French and European regulations, in particular for regulations governing the dissemination of prospecting messages by either fax or electronic communication.

Salezeo advises its Members to adopt prospecting strategies that fully comply with all relevant laws and are both individually targeted and non-intrusive. Mass emailing prospecting is STRONGLY discouraged and Salezeo shall not be held liable for the conduct of its Members.

Once Contacts have been added, the Member renounces any request or claim, regardless of its grounds and content, relative to the Contacts and associated information he/she has provided.


To ensure the quality of Contacts available on the Salezeo platform, as well as consistent service infrastructure maintenance, the Member hereby grants to Salezeo and to the Members' community an exclusive right to use the Member's Contacts and all associated information.

This right constitutes compensation for access to the Salezeo service.

The outcome of this arrangement includes, for example, the possibility for Salezeo to perform a permanent verification and update of information by individually calling the targeted Contacts, emailing them or file cross-checking.

A feedback procedure has been implemented for Members to notify Salezeo of any information identified as obsolete.

Should a Member create several Accounts, Salezeo reserves the right to definitively close all of this Member's accounts without notice or compensation.


The Salezeo Responsible Data Charter compiles the set of Salezeo requirements imposed upon all Members. This Charter is an integral part of Salezeo's Conditions of use.

Failure to comply with Data Charter requirements can lead to being stripped of Member status.


Within the scope of Salezeo's updating and maintenance activities, access to User Accounts may, on an exceptional basis, become impossible.


In accordance with France's Data Protection Act adopted on 6th January 1978, Salezeo has filed a declaration to the CNIL Commission assigned to oversee the Act; this declaration includes a data file on subscribers.

Members whose contact details are listed in the file of service subscribers are hereby granted a right to access, correct and delete any information held regarding them for legitimate reasons. To exercise this right, Members are asked to send a message here.

Each Member is responsible for processing the Contacts he/she records and makes available to the Salezeo community. Moreover, the Member agrees to comply with the requirements stipulated in the Data Protection Act throughout the steps of Contact data collection and use. More specifically, it is the responsibility of the Member to complete all preliminary formalities required by the CNIL Commission, in addition to respecting the rights granted to individuals.

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The Salezeo Conditions of use are subject to modification. The present version of these Conditions of use contains a revision date. Members are asked to regularly consult the site's Conditions of use heading.


The period of application of these Conditions of use between the Member and Salezeo is contingent upon the User Account's period of validity. The obligations tied to the use of Contacts, as well as to Salezeo's rights, are applicable beyond the period of User Account validity.


These Conditions of use are subject to French law.


For all questions relative to the use of the Salezeo service, please submit the contact form herewith

Date of last update : 01/06/2013


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